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By 1751, Captain Hector Barbossa had assembled a pirate fleet of ten ships, with the Queen Anne's Revenge serving as his flagship. This man served aboard the flagship as the crew continued pillaging, plundering and stealing for years and becoming notorious as the rulers of the sea. Soon, however, the fleet began being destroyed slowly by Capitan Armando Salazar and his crew aboard the Silent Mary. Eventually, the Queen Anne's Revenge, being the only ship left, was boarded by Salazar and his crew, its crew surrounded by the ghostly Spanish soldiers. This man was among the pirates who were subsequently executed by the pirates.[2]


Early life

This man was born in the 1700s to Unknown parents. At some unknown point of his life, he took up a life of piracy, serving aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge under the fearsome Captain Hector Barbossa.[2]


Destruction of Barbossa's fleet

Shortly after Blackbeard's death, Barbossa managed to assemble a pirate fleet of ten ships, with the Queen Anne's Revenge serving as his flagship. Barbossa's fleet became the terror of the Caribbean, pillaging the wealthy trade ships and filling the holds of the Queen Anne's Revenge with treasures beyond most men's wildest dreams. A year after Blackbeard's death, Barbossa and his pirates ruled the seas of the New World.[2]

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The pirate is killed.

However, Barbossa's reign of terror came to an end when the Spanish pirate hunter Armando Salazar and his crew of cursed soldiers escaped from the Devil's Triangle, hell-bent on killing all pirates on the Seven Seas, with their main target being Jack Sparrow, the pirate who caused Salazar's demise many years ago. Their first victims were ships of Barbossa's fleet, which were mercilessly destroyed and sent to the bottom of the sea. Only one pirate from each ship they destroyed was left alive to tell the tale of the undead Spaniards taking command of the sea.[2]

Soon, the Queen Anne's Revenge was the only ship in Barbossa's fleet that had not been sunk. Intent on stopping the threat, Barbossa and his crew sailed in search of the murderers. Soon after the pirates found the cursed soldiers, the ghosts jumped aboard the Revenge, holding anyone who stood in their way at gun or sword-point. This pirate attempted to shoot one of the cursed soldiers, however the bullet ended up passing through his opponent, killing another unfortunate pirate. This pirate survived, only to be stabbed a few moments later by another ghost at Capitan Salazar's command.[2]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. It is logical to assume that he was born at some point before 1751 but after the 1600s.
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