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HMS Endeavour Crew

The loyal and devoted crew serving under Lord Cutler Beckett.

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Edinburgh Trader crew

The sensible but superstitious merchants who refused to serve the EITC.

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Queen Anne's Revenge crew

The pirates who ruled the seas until a new threat emerged from the Devil's Triangle.

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Midshipman .png
"I'll go out with you and report back to..."
―The midshipman talks to Gillette before being interrupted by a sailor.[src]

At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became a midshipman serving in the British Royal Navy. He would be stationed aboard the HMS Dauntless under Commodore James Norrington and Lieutenant Gillette during the search for Elizabeth Swann and William Turner Junior.

As the Dauntless was docked outside the Isla de Muerta waiting for Hector Barbossa's cursed crew of the Black Pearl to come outside so that they could defeat them, this man was talking to Lieutenant Gillette. Unaware of the cursed crew sneaking aboard the ship and slaughtering the guards on the main deck, the Midshipman, Gillette and a sailor spotted a longboat nearby containing two women. However, the women turned out to be disguised pirates, and one of them tried to shoot Gillette in the head. He ended up shooting Gillette's hat right off of his head, inadvertently alerting the Navy of the cursed crew running towards them. The midshipman was immediately grabbed by Maximo and thrown off of the quarterdeck.

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