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This man was a pirate serving as part of Captain Pierre "Pig" Kelly's gang stationed at Hangman's bay. He carried a pistol and resided with his captain around 1751 during the quest for the Trident of Poseidon.[1]


At some unspecified point likely in his early life, this man would become a pirate and a loyal member of Pierre "Pig" Kelly's gang of pirates, residing at Hangman's bay. Around 1751, the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and his accomplices Henry Turner and Carina Smyth sprung a trap at Hangman's bay and ended up in a cage hanging from a tree. It was this man and two other pirates who found them dangling from the treetops. Another man knocked out Sparrow with a piece of wood.[1]

Later on that day, Sparrow would wake up to find himself inside a large whale skeleton. This man stood behind Carina and Henry inside the skeleton. Kelly planned to force Jack to marry his widowed sister Beatrice Kelly as payment for a past ordeal. This man was present as Jack was fooled into marrying Beatrice. However, the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge soon arrived under Captain Hector Barbossa. Hector shot Pierre in the leg, injuring him, and this man and several others carried him away. His further fate remains unknown.[1]


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