This man was a Royal Marine serving aboard the HMS Dauntless under Commodore James Norrington of the British Royal Navy.


At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became a Royal Marine serving in the British Royal Navy. He was stationed in Port Royal at Fort Charles around 1728 under Commodore Norrington and Lieutanant Gillette, but was not part of the crew of the HMS Dauntless.

During the attack on Port Royal from the Cursed crew of the Black Pearl, this marine ran to the cannons along with Commodore Norrington and the other soldiers. He would survive the attack, along with much of the other marines.

During the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow's hanging, this man was patrolling the fort. However, Jack soon escaped with the help of William Turner. This marine and two others ran at Sparrow with rifles, but Jack and William managed to knock all three of them over with a rope. He was knocked unconscious as he hit the ground. His further fate remains unknown.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
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