This man was an officer serving aboard the HMS Dauntless under Commodore James Norrington of the British Royal Navy.


At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became an officer serving in the British Royal Navy. He would be stationed aboard the HMS Dauntless under Commodore James Norrington and Lieutenant Gillette during the search for Elizabeth Swann and William Turner Junior.

As the Dauntless was docked outside the Isla de Muerta waiting for Hector Barbossa's cursed crew of the Black Pearl to come outside so that they could defeat them, this man was among those who were sitting in longboats just outside the Isla de Muerta. This man was in a boat along with Commodore Norrington, Murtogg, Mullroy and several other marines. However, unbeknownst to the marines on the boats, the Cursed crew had walked underneath the boats on the seabed and climbed onto the Dauntless and began slaughtering the crew who were still aboard it. Eventually, a marine rang the ship's bell, and the boats immediately began heading back on Norrington's command.

While they made their way to the Dauntless, the Cursed crew began to man the cannons and firing on the longboats, nearly destroying them. Eventually they managed to reach the ship, and climbed atop the Dauntless in order to join the fight. This man survived the ensuing battle, and cheered when the navy were victorious. His further fate remains unknown.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
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