Aged Silent Mary SailorAkos ArmontBald Pirate (Queen Anne's Revenge)
Big soldierBlack Pearl pirate 1Black Pearl pirate 2
Black Pearl pirate 3Black Pearl pirate 4Black Pearl pirate 5
Black Pearl pirate 6Black pearl pirate (Singapore pirate)Black pearl pirate 5
Black pearl pirate 7Black pearl pirate 8Blond sailor
Bodyless Silent Mary SoldierBritish Captain (Port Royal)British Sub-lieutenant (Port Royal)
British soldier (Saint Martin)Bursar (Edinburgh Trader)Changes to the Wiki
Commodore (Port Royal)Cook (Edinburgh Trader)Corporal (HMS Endeavour)
Courtroom Wench 2Crewman (scuttled ship)Cursed Great White Shark
Cursed Hammerhead SharkDauntless Marine 1Dauntless Marine 10
Dauntless Marine 11Dauntless Marine 12Dauntless Marine 13
Dauntless Marine 14Dauntless Marine 2Dauntless Marine 3
Dauntless Marine 4Dauntless Marine 5Dauntless Marine 6
Dauntless Marine 7Dauntless Marine 8Dauntless Marine 9
Dauntless OfficerDauntless Sailor 1Dauntless Sailor 10
Dauntless Sailor 11Dauntless Sailor 12Dauntless Sailor 2
Dauntless Sailor 3Dauntless Sailor 4Dauntless Sailor 5
Dauntless Sailor 6Dauntless Sailor 7Dauntless Sailor 8
Dauntless Sailor 9Deckhand (Edinburgh Trader)Disgusted officer
Dutchman Crewman 1EITC Captain (HMS Endeavour)EITC Commander-Core soldier (HMS Endeavour)
EITC Core Soldier 1 (HMS Endeavour)EITC Core Soldier 2 (HMS Endeavour)EITC Core Soldier 3 (HMS Endeavour)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (attempting to stab a tentacle with a spear)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (bandana)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (chubby)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (dropped into Kraken's mouth)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (fired pistol at Kraken)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (floating in the sea)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (glasses)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (grabbed by Kraken)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (green hat)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (handed axe to another sailor)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (killed by Clanker)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (killed by Jimmy Legs)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (killed by Koleniko)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (killed by Ogilvey)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (lying on the mast in the sea)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (orange clothes)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (pulled away by Kraken)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (pulled overboard)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (pulled overboard by the Kraken)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (ringing bell)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (stabbed tentacle)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (tricorne hat)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (white beard)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (with axe)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (with axe flying into the sea)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (with pistol)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (with pistol flying into the sea)
Edinburgh Trader Crewman (with spear flying into the sea)Edinburgh Trader Crewman (young sailor)Edinburgh Trader crewman (Fell into mouth)
Edinburgh Trader crewman (fell into Kraken's mouth)Edinburgh Trader crewman (slid into Kraken's mouth)Edinburgh Trader crewman (slid into mouth of Kraken)
Edinburgh Trader crewman (slipped and fell into mouth)Edinburgh Trader crewman (slipped into mouth)Endeavour Officer 1
Endeavour Officer 2Endeavour Soldier 1Endeavour Soldier 10
Endeavour Soldier 11Endeavour Soldier 12Endeavour Soldier 13
Endeavour Soldier 2Endeavour Soldier 3Endeavour Soldier 4
Endeavour Soldier 5Endeavour Soldier 6Endeavour Soldier 7
Endeavour Soldier 8Endeavour Soldier 9Ensign 1
Executioner (guillotine)Executioner (hanging)Expanded Universe Background Characters
Faceless Silent Mary SoldierFeatured ArticleFeatured Editor
Fort Charles soldier 1Fort Charles soldier 10Fort Charles soldier 2
Fort Charles soldier 3Fort Charles soldier 4Fort Charles soldier 5
Fort Charles soldier 6Fort Charles soldier 7Fort Charles soldier 8
Fort Charles soldier 9Governor (EITC)HMS Endeavour crew/Gallery
Headless Silent Mary SoldierHelmsman (HMS Endeavour)Interceptor crewman
Joe KlocekKris KeeversLarge officer
List of notable deathsLongboat Marine 1Longboat Marine 10
Longboat Marine 11Longboat Marine 12Longboat Marine 13
Longboat Marine 14Longboat Marine 15Longboat Marine 16
Longboat Marine 2Longboat Marine 3Longboat Marine 4
Longboat Marine 5Longboat Marine 6Longboat Marine 7
Longboat Marine 8Longboat Marine 9Longboat Officer 1
Longboat Officer 2Longboat Officer 3Longboat Sailor 1
Longboat Sailor 2Longboat Sailor 3Maddox
Maelstrom Soldier 1Maelstrom Soldier 2Maelstrom Soldier 3
Maelstrom Soldier 4Maelstrom Soldier 5Maelstrom Soldier 6
Maelstrom Soldier 7Maelstrom Soldier 8Mahesh Jadu
Marine 1Marine 10Marine 11
Marine 12Marine 13Marine 14
Marine 15Marine 16Marine 17
Marine 18Marine 19Marine 2
Marine 20Marine 21Marine 3
Marine 4Marine 5Marine 6
Marine 7Marine 8Marine 9
Midshipman (Singapore)Midshipman 1Midshipman 2
Mike SnowMonarch Soldier (Akos Armont)Monarch crew/Gallery
Monarch helmsmanNicholas YoungPig Kelly Pirate 1
Pig Kelly Pirate 2Pirate (Hangman's bay)Pirates of the Caribbean Extras Wikia
Port Royal Marine 1Port Royal Marine 2PotC Extras Wiki: Simplified Ruleset
Quartermaster (Edinburgh Trader)Queen Anne's Pirate 1Queen Anne's Pirate 2
Queen Anne's Pirate 3Redcoat Officer (Fort Charles)Restraining soldier
Revenge Pirate 1Revenge Pirate 2Revenge Pirate 3
Revenge Pirate 4Revenge Pirate 5Revenge Pirate 6
Revenge Pirate 7Sailor with lampSantos
Silent Mary OfficerSilent Mary crew/GallerySmiling officer
Stomachless Silent Mary SoldierTough soldierTurkish prisoner 2
Uncle Jack's cellmateUncle Jack's second cellmateUnfortunate Silent Mary Officer
Unfortunate Silent Mary SoldierUser Rights/User Rights NominationsWade
Warder (London)Young GreenhornYoung Monarch Soldier (chubby)
Young Monarch Soldier (laughing)Young Monarch Soldier (rifle)Young Silent Mary Sailor
Young Silent Mary SoldierZombie Officer 1Zombie Officer 2
Zombie Officer 3
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