This man was a pirate who joined the crew of the commandeered HMS Interceptor under the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow.

Biography Edit

At some point, this man joined the crew of the commandeered British Royal Navy vessel HMS Interceptor under Jack Sparrow. He had been hired by Joshamee Gibbs in Tortuga. They sailed through a storm, during which he and the other crewmen were soaked in the rain. He looked over the rail of the Interceptor into the sea as the ship passed through a dangerous passageway the next day. They later arrived at their destination, Isla de Muerta, where Jack Sparrow and William Turner went into the island alone. Will later came out without Jack, but the crew kept to the Pirate's Code and went on without him. When the Black Pearl attacked the Interceptor, this man loaded and manned the cannons below deck as the Pearl chased their ship. The Interceptor later turned around to fight the Pearl and its crew, and the ships opened fire on each other. He survived and was taken prisoner with the other crewmen. They were imprisoned, left in the command of two cursed pirates. However they were later freed from their cell by Elizabeth Swann and took over the Black Pearl. Though refused to help her rescue Will and Jack from Isla De Muerta, they later rescued Jack from the gallows and he became captain once more.

He continued to serve in Sparrow's crew for the next year, however he, Leech and many other crewmen planned to lead a mutiny on Jack. They were unhappy with Jack's leadership, and felt they needed to do more 'Pirate' things. When Jack suddenly woke them up in the middle of night, they rushed to their stations, shocked at their Captain's strange behavior, especially when he ordered them not to retrieve his hat when it fell overboard. Later, when they were captured by the Pelegostos Tribe, this man was likely killed as he did not accompany the crew on their escape. On an inquiry on where the rest of the crew had gone, one pirate replied that the bone cages the prisoners resided in weren't built until after the pirates had arrived on the island.


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