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This man was a fierce executioner stationed at Saint Martin in control of the gallows.


At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became an executioner in the small town of Saint Martin. He was a tall, slender man, and was a hulking giant compared to his prisoners. His face was always covered, save for his mouth and nose.

In 1751, he would be assigned to the hanging of the supposed witch Carina Smyth, while another man was assigned to behead the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. However, Smyth and Sparrow got into an argument over who was to be executed first, much to the dismay of both the executioners, the audience, and the Royal Marine guards. However, they were to soon be silenced as it was decided that they would both be killed at the same time.

However, the motley crew of the Dying Gull serving under Jack Sparrow soon arrived to rescue Sparrow and Smyth along with Henry Turner. After the crew dispatched with a large portion of the guards surrounding the gallows, the pirate Scum ran up to challenge the executioner. He attempted to defeat him by kicking him over, but he was sent flying back due to the man's immense strength. Carina, however, was able to knock him off of the gallows with a single swift kick. His further fate remains unknown.


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