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This man was an officer serving aboard the HMS Endeavour around 1729.


At some unknown point likely in his early life this man became an officer of the East India Trading Company under Lord Cutler Beckett. He served aboard the HMS Endeavour as an officer. Around 1729, this officer was part of the Endeavour crew during the Company's war against piracy.

Shortly after the Battle around Calypso's maelstrom during which the Flying Dutchman was destroyed and Davy Jones was killed, the Endeavour moved in to destroy the Black Pearl. However, the Dutchman reappeared, now in the command of William Turner Junior . The two ships both began opening fire on the HMS Endeavour , slowly beginning to rip it apart. As Lord Beckett became incapacitated to give the order to return fire, this officer and another ran to the quarterdeck in order to ask for orders. Beckett could not reply, so Lieutenant Theodore Groves ordered them to abandon ship. The other officer relayed the orders to the crew. They ran to the side of the ship, but were knocked down and covered behind some smoke. Whether or not they survived remains unknown.

Behind the scenes

  • This character is portrayed by an extra.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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