This man was a sailor who served aboard the Edinburgh Trader during the time of the East India Trading Company's appearance in Port Royal.


At some unknown point likely in his early life, this man became a merchant sailor serving aboard the East India Trading Company ship, the Edinburgh Trader, under Captain Bellamy. He would serve as a sailor aboard the ship. Around 1729, the Trader left Port Royal. As it sailed out to open sea, a younger sailor found a beautiful dress on the main deck, and informed his crewmates immediately. The bursar and the quartermaster got into an argument over the dress, which they alleged to be evidence of an unrequited female spirit aboard the ship. This crewman was among the crew who watched the fight. Bellamy ordered them to find the stowaway who had put the dress there, and also stated that she was probably naked. However, they searched to no avail, as, unbeknownst to them, the stowaway, Elizabeth Swann was actually among them.

After picking up some new crewmen in Tortuga, the crew of the Trader picked up a man at sea, William Turner Junior, who claimed that he had seen the dress before. A deckhand spotted a ship sailing towards them, and rushed to tell Captain Bellamy. He was present when the Kraken attacked the ship, dragging the captain to the depths of the ocean, only for him to be flung into the air one last time before being brought back to the water to be devoured whole. The whole crew panicked, and grabbed spears and pistols to defend themselves. This sailor grabbed a weapon, then rushed to join the fight. This man was standing beside the Bursar as he attempted to throw the dress to the Kraken, attempting to stab a tentacle with a spear. This man was killed during the attack.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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