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"Son, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?"
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"What? Hang him! String him up!"
―The wench upon hearing that Joshamee Gibbs won't be hanged.[[src]]
This woman was a notable resident of London, England and a wench.


She was known to attend trials inside the Old Bailey court along with a fellow prostitute. The wench enjoyed watching hangings and executions and often shouted for pirates to be hanged during trials. In 1750, the wench and her fellow prostitute would be invited to the Old Bailey court for the trial of the notorious pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.

They attended, standing atop a balcony with a view of the pirate. However, through a curious twist of events it became clear that the man on trial was not Jack, but in fact it was Sparrow's first mate and loyal friend, Joshamee Gibbs. In addition, the judge was in fact Jack himself. But, no-one believed Gibbs when he said he was not Jack Sparrow, and everyone fell for the real Jack's disguise. However, when Jack declared that Gibbs would be imprisoned rather than hanged, the crowd went wild. The wenches yelled to string him up and hang him, but it was too late as Gibbs and Jack were already leaving. What happened to the wench afterwards is unknown.


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
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